Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aromaleigh Swatches and Review part 2

Here's the second half of my review of Aromaleigh.

8. Dormant Dream
9. Moon Age Daydream
10. Morphing Moon
11. Bette
12. Mata Hari
13. Passion

Again, swatched over UDPP




Dormant Dream is an awesome shimmery pink. It's lighter than Boiling Point and more sparkly. Another super awesome pink.

Moon Age Daydream is a deep, shimmery greenish blue. I like it, but dark shades of blueish colors tend to make me look like an old lady =( so I don't know if I will use it a lot.

Morphing Moon is similar to Moon Age Daydream, but definitely lighter and more silvery. I like this color, it looks reallu nice on me.

Bette is really awesome; sort of a greyish color with a hint of brown, with rainbow shimmer. I love the whole collection of these and Bette is just gorgeous. Order it!

Mata Hari is a glitter. It's tealish with maroon mixed in, and it looks great on. I had to add a little extra primer to get it to stick of course, but it would look great foiled or over another shadow.

Passion is a complex, sort of brownish color with multicolored sparkle. I've seen a lot of people making a fuss about this as well, but it isn't my favorite. I thought it would be a little more purple than it is. I dunno if Ill make use of it, but it is pretty!

Overall, Aromaleigh is a great company. They have TONS of products, sales every week, coupons, a points program, and their own forum. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.



  1. OOH Mati Hari is sooo pretty! Now I want it XD

  2. Oh I know! all of those glitter are spectacular!!