Monday, November 16, 2009

movies movies movies!!


I don't have a whole lot to post about right now, but I figured I could share a little something!
Here's a listy thing of some of my favorite movies =D

These are in no particular order, just as they come to me.

Ben X- This is a movie me and Jake found at blockbuster some time ago. We didn't know it was a dutch movie but dutch is close enough to German for me to understand some (yay!) and it has subtitles of course. This movie is about a teenage boy with autism, and he gets brutally picked on at school, he can't socialize properly with people and generally just has issues around others.
He plays an MMORPG (i forget what it's called but it is a real game, and it looks awesome) and in the game he's a hero. He has a sorta girlfriend and everything. Then, she says she's going to take the train to come see him. And some bad stuff happens......
It's an absolutely compelling movie. I was expecting something depressing but it really made me feel happy =D The whole movie may have been
different if he had just attended an online high school.

Tampopo (japanese for Dandelion)- This is a movie that my dad showed us. Jake has an interest in opening up a ramen/sushi shop (how win is that??) and so this was really relevant. It's about a woman named Tampopo who aspires to be a ramen chef. She finds a teacher to help her. There are a lot of stories going on on the side. This movie is all about the role of food in japanese culture, the relation to food and sex, and all kinds of food stuff. AWESOME movie. Srs bzns. We rented this at Casa Video, which is a funky old independent movie rental place.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover- Longest title ever huh? This is another food movie that my dad suggested. Basically; a fat rich greedy man owns a french restaurant and eats there every night with his wife and friends. He's abusive and generally nasty to everyone, especially the head cook and his own wife, who is a gorgeous woman. His wife eventually begins to have an affair with another man, and the staff of the restaurant protect and hide them. The story is very powerful and ends up being sad and awesome at the end. It's got strong, operatic music and the acting is perfect. The whole movie is incredible. Go rent it NOW. This was also rented from Casa Video.

Pan's Labyrinth- I'm sure you've all heard of this movie by now, but it's awesomeawesome. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who also did Hellboy and all that win stuff. What I like most about this guy is that he realizes that puppets can be INFINITELY more effective than CGI when used properly, you LAZY MOVIE MAKING SONS OF BITCHES! His use of animatronics and puppets is incredible, it adds so much to the film. It's placed in Spain during a time of civil war. Ophelia, a young girl who loves fairy tales, is moving with her pregnant mother to live with an evil army man, her new stepfather. EWW evil stepfather, rite?
So she's exploring and eventually she goes into an old labyrinth on the property and adventure ensues.
Awesome movie, spanish with english subtitles and all that, very worth the watch.

Young Frankenstein- Gene Wilder as young doktor FRANKUNSTEEN. A funny re-telling of the classic story. Super super funny and generally good.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch- Another pretty popular movie, directed and starred in by John Cameron Mitchell (who I hugged when he was here at The Loft!!!!). About a rockstar, Hedwig, who was born in east germany during the wall and all that business. He fell in love with a soldier and had to get a sex change to cross the border and get married. But ... "My sex change operation was botched, My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch, Now all I got is a barbie doll crotch, I got an angry inch..." or so goes the song. This movie is full of win, it follows Hedwig's life story as he explains it in between songs at various small venues. I saw a live performance of it, and it was positively fantastic. If you haven't seen this movie yet, where have you been??

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (durr), which is so much fun live if your city does those performances.

Party Monster, the book was also very good.

Elf- awesome christmas movie.

and a lot of others, but those are at the top of the list.

Now here's a little extra something:

Clive Barker's Books of Blood are awesome collections of short horror stories. A lot of them have been and will be turned into movies/shows.

To list a few: The Yattering and Jack- my FAVORITE story, turned into a tales from the darkside episode which pretty much failed.
Rawhead Rex- awesome story, worst movie ever made. Bad. Bad. Bad. I demand a remake.
The Forbidden- You'll know this one as Candyman, which rocked hardcore.
The Last Illusion, which is the movie Lord of Illusions, and I actually didnt pay attention when we were watching this. So I can not judge, but the story was good.
The Body Politic is a movie called Quicksilver Highway, which I have not seen

and then there are the more recent ones- The Midnight Meat Train, which was FUCKING SICK. I LOVED that movie to DEATH. LOVE. Accurate to the story, well done, generally awesome

The Book of Blood- VERY well done. Not my favorite, but good. The end of the movie is the reprise of the story, titled "On Jerusalem Street"

In  production are Dread(I think, not sure), which was a super fucked up story, and Pig's Blood Blues, which is also thoroughly horrible.
I love these stories. Clive Barker is fucking win, and so are a lot of these movies.

I'm tired as fuck. Good night all and enjoy, maybe!


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