Sunday, November 1, 2009


UPDATE: After using the site for a while, I really do recommend it. It takes a while to collect points, but they don't spam and I haven't gotten anything nasty from them, and they do cash out (I always get PayPal deposits). So, recommended!

I found this site a week ago or so, and so far I haven't gotten enough points to redeem anything, but it's supposed to be something where you do searches with their engine (which isn't very good but whatever) and you get "swagbucks"

which you can hopefully redeem for prizes. Just like peter piper pizza or something, the only good stuff is for a retarded amount of points but it's supposed to be free stuff, I guess.

here's my referral link

if you wanna join. They havent sent me any spam or anything, and I haven't heard anything terrible out them, so we'll see how it pans out I guess!


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