Sunday, November 1, 2009

too-late review of Meow Cosmetics =P

so, as mentioned, this is certainly coming too late for it to matter much!
But here's the review of my Meow Cosmetics samples.

I ordered samples of (halloween)Spellbinding, Necromancer, Warlock, Spectre, (friday the 13th) Skeptic, (egyptian Treasures)Royal, and Ra
I recieved the blush "tease" and the liner "neurotic" for free! Love.

Here are the swatches. Poor pictures, I apologize. It was late in the day so I didnt have any natural light >.< but the colors are relatively true to life, if a little washed out. Swatched overUDPP. 1. Spellbinding 2. Necromancer 3. Warlock 4. Skeptic 5. Spectre 6. Royal 7. Ra 8. Tease 9. Neurotic

My Review: They dont offer free shipping for samples *tear* but thats allright. The shipping was quick and my samples came wrapped in adorable leopard-print tissue paper, and there was a little "thanks, Anneliese" on the invoice, which for some reason I always love. Im a sucker for little things like that.
They also packed me two extra samples, Tease blush and Neurotic liner ( both of which I think I may just use as eyeshadow >.>)

Spellbinding is awesome; again with these shimmery, duochromey colors! Its a simple sheer highlight color, and I loves it!
Necromancer is black with pinky orangey (?) sparkle, so pretty! The photos didn't capture it well, but it is really loaded with shimmer.
Warlock is another black, but this one has blue and aqua sparkle in it, it photographed a little better!
Skeptic is really nice; blue that goes a little pink/purple in the light. Complex and interesting.
Spectre is one of my favorites here. It looks white but applies green (<3) and you can see it really well in the photos.
Royal isn't as orangey as the pictures show, but I expected it to be closer to a maroon than just sort of red. I was a little unhappy with the color and dont know if I'd wear it, but it is still pretty; just not my style.
Ra is a bright bright gold, it's SO gorgeous! I don't know when I'll wear it, but it is definitely awesome =D Tease is a very bright pink blush. Since I dont wear blush (my face is already so pink, it would make me look like a clown lawl), I may just use it as an eyeshadow. It is a nice color though. The pictures make it a little orange? It's definitely a true, bright pink.
Neurotic is my favorite!! (who would have thought the free sample would be the one I like the most?). I absolutely LOVE this color. It's black with lots of multicolored sparkles. It's full of interesting bits and pieces of color- would make a great liner or shadow!
Overall, I like Meow Cosmetics and would certainly recommend them. The shipping is a little more expensive than a lot of places I've shopped at but that isn't really an issue for me. The colors go on very well, they have great texture, and are just an overall good product.


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