Saturday, December 12, 2009

More goings-on; finals, sickness, FSM, bunny rape, shopping

Hello again! I haven't had much to write about lately. Finals week going on, I have 2 more to do and I'm thoroughly confident in myself, which is awesome!
Been getting some Holiday orders in. Speaking of Holiday, I need to make an FSM tree topper. I keep putting that off >.< I'll post pics when it's done.

I've had the flu or something recently. Last weekend I was congested and a little sick to my stomach, and it got better and better as the time went by, but on Thursday me and Jake spent the night at his mom's house and that evening it all got worse >.< my throat was swollen and my eyes hurt and I had the worst headache ever. Today I'm feeling a little better. At least my eyes don't hurt, but I'm still dizzy and sniffly. Yay.

But this picture always makes me feel better. Bunny rape. Lulz.

So... what else...

AHA! The other day, me and Jake went shopping. I got the most awesome comfy bright red bra for six bucks at Ross. I love that place. Never will I pay full price for quality undergarments!!
Then we went to the mall, where I got a warm comfy over-sized hoodie from old navy (yay child labor!) for $16, and at hot topic I found the single best T-Shirt in the history of T-Shirts. Seriously:

First, the subject matter; ROB ZOMBIE. Yes please.
Next, the color; Green. Very nice!
And it's fucking sparkly! Sparkly Rob Zombie!

Not only that, but it's a girl's Tee, so it fits me well and looks nice, but it's not 4 inches long! It actually has a bit of length to it! My fat belly doesn't stick out! Fucking WIN! I need to get another one of these; the large fits me PERFECTLY. I know I will wear this thing to DEATH and then be depressed when it's worn out.

So, good times.
Waiting for mom to finish cooking dinner. She's finally cooking again, it's so nice. Maybe the world will end in 2012!

Lastly: it's been 16 business days since my PukiPuki's been ordered. I can't wait! I'm contemplating naming him Garlic... any thoughts?

TTFN  =)

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  1. Aw, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better! I loooooove the bunneh rape! So cute and silly!