Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stardust Cosmetics Holiday Collection swatches & review

Heyas everybody, hope everyone's having a great Holiday time! I know I am!

A little while back, Stardust Cosmetics had an awesome giveaway and I was lucky enough to win their entire Holiday Collection! Which is an ENORMOUS amount of goodies! I was so excited, as you may imagine, and a couple days ago my package arrived!
Everything was packed into an envelope and inside were two pink organza bags full of fake snow and glittery iridescent goodness! I promptly dumped the glitter on myself...

Anyway, there are 14 eyeshadows, 3 shimmerliners and 3 shimmer powders. They come in clear jars with sifters, labeled on top with the brand name and on the bottom with the color and other information.
I love all of them! Here are the swatches for you all =)
Click to view the pictures bigger!


The shadows are lovely! All the colors are rich and interesting, though Crystals and Velvet and Northern Dream don't want to go on very opaquely. I figure they would work better over a stickier base, but the pigmentation over just primer is not all that great. The other colors are fine, especially the more neutral ones. They're all quite shimmery and some glittery! Love. Arctic Whisper makes a good dramatic highlight, and is great for inner corners.


Again, fabulous products. These are RICH and SPARKLY! I don't have a product to wetline them with yet, so these are just over a base,  but you can see how awesome they look! The sparkles are quite strong and lovely. I am definitely a fan of these!

Shimmer Powders:
Winter's Kiss is hands down my favorite. It's got light blueish shimmer to it and I LOVE that!
Shimmerstorm also looks fabulous wetlined! I've been using Melt the Snow as a blush quite often. It's subtle and looks really lovely!

Here are a couple of simple looks that I've done:
This is Crystals and Velvet all over, with Arctic Whisper to highlight and in the inner corners. Simple and nice.

This one is Northern Dream all over the lid (on top of Kryolan's "Anthracite" black eyeshadow base) with Hearthstone in the crease and Arctic Whisper to highlight. I wasn't sure if this would look good on me, but the blue in Northern Dream is really brought out by the black base, it looks fabulous!

Stardust Cosmetics is thoroughly awesome
Their products are quality and well-packaged, nicely pigmented.
The shadows are complex and interesting, I'm excited to use them all, even the neutrals!
The shipping was prompt and didn't take too long from Canada to Arizona, about a week.



  1. ooh, pretty! And congrats on the win, that's awesome!:)

  2. thanks! And yeah I felt all giddy when I got the email saying I won! I think I may have used up my luck for this year haha