Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fyrinnae swatches!

Finally! Yay Fyrinnae!
and of course, click to make them bigger!

On the left, they're swatched over UDPP, on the right they're over Pixie Epoxy

 Nevermore + Neo Universe + Shinigami + Freya + Nori + Delvian + Hypercool + Wicked + Sorceress
Iris + Love Potion + Nijiro + Lights of Kyoto + Lights of Stockholm + Lights of Tokyo
Faerie Glamour + Mystic + Fyre & Ice

So Fyrinnae is pretty much awesome. I ordered a buttload of samples, 3 full sizes and 2 other products. They included 2 free samples, but they forgot one of my samples when my order arrived, so I emailed them and they sent the missing sample along with another. Bonus points for friendly customer service! They're always polite if I need to email for some reason, which is fantastic.
Awesome great stuff.
Pixie Epoxy is kickass, btw. You really can't appreciate the colors without it, they just look HEAPS better over it rather than primer alone.

I absolutely recommend Fyrinnae. They're a fantastic company and the products are worth the sometimes quite long wait. They always communicate, have splendid customer service, and everything arrives safe and well-packed.



  1. Awesome!! I'm bookmarking this for when I do my order...Those glitters are amazing, I can't believe I don't have any yet!

  2. oh my god I know! The colors are just kickass fabulous =O I can't get over how awesome they look! And the glitters are awesome for anything at all ever! I definitely need a full size of Tokyo <3