Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I would totally love...

To post some more swatches today, but even if I HAD my camera (my dad stole it =( ) it's raining finally! So nothing today.

However, I would like to make a statement:

Australia's government needs to get its head out of its ass. Fuck shit.
How do you define "decent" or "abhorrent" or "normal" or "appropriate" anyway? There's a lot of shit out there that I wouldn't view as "decent" but does that mean NOBODY ELSE IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD SHOULD EVER SEE IT? No. Fuck no. As far as I'm concerned, if porn includes only consenting adults, it's totally cool. I couldn't give a fuck less what they're doing. Damn guys.

Gay people are not morally wrong, dipshit. Stop that.

Abortion is something that should be decided on between a woman and her doctor and hopefully the father, NOT the government. My uterus is my business, I don't care what's in it or how alive it is.

I'm pissed off right now >=(
Sometimes the world just makes me angry.

But I do have a new set of bento gear on the way! So that's fun =D

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