Friday, March 12, 2010

TKB Trading swatches and review

WOO! Finally I'm posting again! I've been way too busy- homework/midterms, other hobbies....
BUT here are my TKB swatches and a small review, for your viewing and reading pleasure =)

Click to make the piccies bigger!
Strawberry Pop + Raspberry Pop + Tangerine Pop + Lemon Drop Pop + Apple Green Pop + Blueberry Pop + Grape Pop + Black Mica + Satin Pearl
 Blackstar Green + Midnight Blue + Black Amethyst + Blue Ice + Hot Mama + Travel to Neptune + Travel to Earth
Hilite Gold +  Hilite Red + Hilite Green + Hilite Blue + Hilite Violet
Starlight Green + Starlight Blue + Sparkle Violet
Red Sparks + Green Sparks + Aqua Sparks + Purple Sparks + Noble Silver Sparks

So, now that you've seen the swatches, time for the review!

TKB Trading is a wholesaler of unblended colored micas. You can buy a TABLESPOON sized sample (That's enough to fill a 20 gram jar and then some!) for only $1.50. Damn. Some of the more expensive colors are a teaspoon, but that's still a TON of product.
Mica will work as eyeshadow by itself, but you do need an eyeshadow base. However, it's best to blend them with one of the bases available. I have the matte texture base and magnesium myristrate. My process is to fill a 5 gram jar with a suitable amount of product, then add just a teeny scoop (less than the small scoop) of magnesium myristrate and the matte texture base, and shake it all together. I never have problems with TKB colors over a good primer.

The colors are great on their own, but it's super easy to blend your own new colors, plus the website has a LOT of recipes!

Shipping for me was less than $5. There is a minimum order of $20. They ship internationally and have a MASSIVE amount of products, from micas for eyeshadows and such, other pigments, lipstick, lipgloss and lipbalm supplies, and more!

Along with all this, I got their set of 3 scoops to measure out mica when mixing (and for following recipes), a bunch of jars (5 gram and 20 gram), silica microspheres, and the freebie sampler (just search for "free" on the website!)

All in all, TKB is awesome. It's a good way to get basic colors, along with other more complex ones, and great for making your own interesting eyeshadows!
5 stars!



  1. Great swatches! TKB Trading is magical- Thanks for this :D

  2. no prob! That's what I'm here for =D