Thursday, November 18, 2010

why i've been gone...

the very few people who follow me might have noticed, I haven't written anything about anything for months!
Well, I do tend to procrastinate, but that's not the reason I haven't been writing at all.

On september 15th at about 4 in the afternoon, I was coming home from school on the bus as usual, and crossed the street very near the house at a LIGHTED CROSSWALK. I was struck by a drunk driver in the crosswalk. She was going about 45 mph, and her blood alcohol level was .278 WTF
Anyway, she fled the scene (bad idea. luckily someone followed her and she was arrested) and luckily there were TONS of witnesses stopped at the light, so I got help immediately and was taken to the hospital.

my left leg was broken, and now I have a metal rod through my tibia
the right side of my collarbone was fractured (broken) and the very end piece which broke off has settled itself underneath the other part of the collarbone
my right scapula was fractured
my pelvis was fractured in two places
my right 4th metacarpal (the bone in my hand corresponding to the ring finger) was broken, and i had to have tendons reattached in october. I have a metal plate and four screws on top of that bone now.
my tailbone may be either fractured, or bent inwards
my left arm is covered in scars, i have a large scar over my left eyebrow, and scars on my right side, as well as two large and four small incisions in my left leg and one incision on my right hand, and a large laceration on my right knee

so that blows. a lot. I dont remember the accident, or the few days leading up to it, or the first week or so i was in the hospital.
i spent 13 days in the hospital and had two surgeries (I think?) only one which I actually knew i would need, since I was sedated after i came into the hospital
I've been home since late september and have been able to use the computer for a while now, though it hasn't been easy.
I've started physical therapy for my leg and occupational therapy for my hand
I can sort of walk now, mostly, and i'm told my hand will likely be able to go back to how it was before with some work
so there are not any permanent injuries, just scars. No spinal injuries, no brain injuries, nothing missing, no broken teeth, luckily. and I am alive.

so I'm mostly okay now. Not perfect, but fairly good.

I do have some reviews/swatches to do but I won't be working on that until I'm feeling up to it and much better, sorry!
Just felt I should make this post in case anyone was wondering where I went or something =(
Don't worry! and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask =) it's cool.


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