Sunday, January 23, 2011

NYX Glitter liners

I usually buy my NYX products from Cherry Culture or Ulta
Here are swatches and a brief review of the three glitter liners I have from NYX

Candy Glitter Liner: Lime + Glitter Liner: Crystal + Liquid Crystal Liner: Crystal Onyx

The liners themselves are all great, they work well, and last pretty long. My favorite is the liquid crystal. It's very opaque and the glitter is really noticeable. Crystal is allright, though I feel it doesn't have a great concentration of glitter really. Lime is fine product-wise, but the brush is HORRIBLE. It is the WORST brush I have ever in my life encountered, by far. I honestly wouldn't recommend purchasing this. You can get a bright green somewhere else, seriously. It isn't worth it.

EDIT (4/8/2011): After using Crystal Onyx many many times, I can wholeheartedly say that it is NICE! It's a really great liner for the upper lashline. I like it better than plain black, what with the pretty silver sparkles =) I definitely recommend this one.


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