Thursday, January 20, 2011

Persephone Minerals

Persephone Minerals, yes indeed!
You can find them HERE

I ordered the Sailor Mars set, five full sized eyeshadows themed around Sailor Mars <3 hooray!
The bottom two were received as free samples.
I ordered on Nov. 4th, and it arrived approximately a week later, I don't remember exactly though, sorry =(

The shadows came packed in clear jars without sifters, and are labeled on the bottom with the shadow name handwritten, and on top with the company name. The samples also came in jars.

Rei + Mars Crystal Power + Sailor Mars +  Princess Mars + Mars Flame Sniper
Rained + Pole Dance

As for the colors- I found that the swatches and descriptions were pretty accurate. I had no problems in that respect.
My opinions on the colors- I LOVE Rei. Gorgeous. It's a nice strong black with red and purple sparkles. Mars Crystal Power is also lovely. It's a bright red with strong gold iridescence and glitter.
Sailor Mars is great too, a really bright true red with glitter.
Princess Mars is a light salmon-ish red with glitter. It's pretty but not my favorite color.
Mars Flame Sniper is a really orangey sort of red with red/gold glitter. Again, pretty but not really a favorite.
These all have glitter in them, which really wants a stickier base to hold on to, rather that just primer.

I really liked this set all in all, it's obvious this company is quite small and just starting, but the colors are really nice and I have had no problems to speak of! A very good purchase.

EDIT: After using these colors a while, I love them even more. They're just lovely and I seriously LOVE red eyeshadow. A lot. A lot a lot! I am 100% happy with this purchase.


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  1. Beautiful shadows! I especially liked the bottom two.