Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria swatches

A while... kind of a long while now... ago I won a small giveaway for a $20 Morgana Cryptoria gift card and with it I got Azalea Blue lipstick, and Ethereal Veil.
Review wise, I don't have much to post, the transaction itself was unremarkable, shipped in a perfectly timely manner and arrived SUPER fast since I am in the same state =D

Both products are quite nice, I use the veil often and the lipstick on more special occasions.
I will note, though, that the lipstick is OMFGPIGMENTED so do be sparing when you use it. First time I applied it I had to blot a LOT! It's a wonderful lipstick.

So here you are, swatches!

Ethereal Veil + Azalea Blue lipstick

The veil is kinda hard to see, since it's really not meant to add any sort of color, it just adds a very subtle blue tinted glow. I think it's beautiful!
And yeah that lipstick... like whoa. Really whoa. Amazing! You really do need to be sparing with it, the pigmentation is SERIOUS, so you don't need tons. The color is just so strong and vibrant! Much love.



  1. I now know for sure that I'm getting that lipstick. =O That's beautiful and the shade I've been looking for! I've been trying to decide which lipstick I wanted from her for awhile now.

  2. It is REALLY wonderful! But it's REALLY pigmented so go easy on it! I used WAY too much the first time I wore this lipstick =P