Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bokeh Face "Name That Collection" Contest entry- Beautiful Undeath (Zombie Collection)

So, Bokeh Face is having a contest! (See the link <--) In this contest, you're supposed to come up with up to 10 eyeshadows in a collection. I've always thought a big zombie collection would be supercool, so here's my entry!!

My reason for choosing zombies as a theme is that I really have always loved zombies! In fact, I recently registered with the SRA as a Zombie. See my registration here!
So... there's that =P
But really, I don't know what my attraction to zombies is. They aren't exactly glamorous like vampires, or quite as powerful as werewolves... there's just something about zombies that really clicks with me <3 I love 'em!!

First of all, I thought "Beautiful Undeath" would be a cool name for the collection! Who doesn't want to doll up their zombie side? I know I do!
Here are the shade names and color descriptions that I came up with!

1. Apocalypse: A smooth, deep black overlaid with TONS of orange and red glitter/sparkle/shimmer. (I imagine the black in this to be either completely matte, or somewhat satin.)

2. Survival: Bright, purple-leaning fuchsia shimmer, with a blue/lavender duochrome.

3. Narrow Escape: Burgundy shimmer with very subtle green sparkle and/or shimmer, and subtle red shimmer.

4. Infection: Blackened red with strong red sparkle/shimmer and subtle green sparkle/shimmer.

5. Undeath: Deep (perhaps royal/jeweltone) purple with a dark green duochrome and green shimmer.

6. Hunger: Greyish green with green sparkle, subtle red shimmer, and silver/grey sparkle.

7. Zombie Love Affair: Fuchsia with a strong green duochrome, and pink and green sparkles. (zombie love just seems cute as hell to me!)

8. Braaaaains!: Greyed out pink (more like mid grey with strong pink duo/shimmer/sparkle) with silver sparkle.

9. Shambler: Midtone (but still bright and strong) purple with a green duochrome and sparkle, and subtle blue sparkle. (This one's my favorite!)

10. Zombie Unicorn: Silvery pastel princess pink with a somewhat subtle green duochrome and rainbow SPARKLE! (And I do mean SPARKLE!)

So there you have it! I hope there's at least someone out there who finds these ideas as awesome as I do, and I sure hope I win! This would be a fantastic collection to even see, let alone own <3
Thanks for the inspiration, Bokeh Face!!



  1. Thanks Natalie! I hope you like it =D

  2. Good to hear!! I thought it would be pretty darn cool myself... of course, I wouldn't have come up with an entry that I was iffy about =P