Friday, April 8, 2011

Evil Shades swatches/review

I've ordered from Evil Shades... 3 times, I believe? Each time has been more than satisfactory. I've never had problems, and the products have always been quite nice.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are swatches!:

Moonlit + Suffocation + Midnight Star + Nymphette + Zombie + 13th Hour + Acolyte
Bane lipstick + Day Dream blush + Love Bites blush + Gossamer blush + Backtalk blush

Eyeshadows swatched over UDPP, lipstick and blush over bare skin (I applied the blush pretty heavily here so you can really see the color)
As I said, I've never had problems with Evil Shades. Their products are all really nice and I love their whole look.
For some reason, the blue flash on Bane isn't showing up here =( It looks MUCH prettier than it does in the swatch. I bought a sample of it a while ago, and I liked it pretty well so I decided to get a full size since the price is so low. I was REALLY IMPRESSED! It smells WONDERFUL, SO delicious, and HOLY WOW DOES IT LOOK FANTASTIC. This is one product I am really concerned I might end up running out of! It really is just great <3
All the blushes are nice as well, but I'm still so new to blush. I seem to have a hard time deciding exactly where to apply it, how much, and what colors I should look for =( but these have all been pretty nice, as most of them are quite subtle!
I would wholeheartedly recommend Evil Shades to anyone, it really is a great company!


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