Friday, April 8, 2011

Poison Apple Apothecary review: Psyche, Gilded

Poison Apple Apothecary (currently on vacation for a while) is a lovely Etsy seller, mostly of perfumes. They also have products like scrubs and creams, also scented with many of their perfume scents!

This will be a very preliminary review, just of my initial experience with the shop and the products. Once I've had time to really use the perfumes, I will update with more, and pictures!

Recently, Poison Apple announced on Facebook that they would be taking a break, and they had a few bottles already filled and ready to ship, which they were offering for almost half off! Two of the scents I had been fawning over were on that list, so I snatched them up. I would rather have been able to sample them first, but when are you going to get a better deal!? I placed my order on 3/31, it was shipped (with Delivery Confirmation) on 4/4, and it arrived (after some frustration over the mail being SUUUUUPER late!) on 4/7. The whole transaction was very quick, shipping was prompt and the perfumes were packed VERY securely.

First, I opened the small bubble envelope to find a business card (no invoice, but that's not a problem at all for me) and a nice small package wrapped in purple tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. I removed the ribbon and found that the package was also taped up. I tore off the tape to find my two bottles very securely wrapped in bubble wrapped and taped up safely. I actually took a number of minutes to rip open the bubble wrap; there is NO way these things would be damaged under ANY normal shipping circumstances. I am very happy with how securely they were packed!

So, the scents I got were Psyche and Gilded.

I am usually not a huge fan of floral scents, so I really am not sure why I picked Psyche. I guess Vanilla being in the mix kind of swayed me, and I do tend to be a fan of some Jasmine scents. It smelled really flowery and feminine when I opened it, but it wasn't overpowering sniffing it straight from the bottle.
I still was pretty apprehensive about it and wasn't really sure whether I'd like it. I applied it as I usually do (a dab behind each ear, and rubbed between the wrists) and it did smell really nice. I still wasn't really sure it was quite for me though. After wearing it once (last night, grocery shopping) I found it to be a bit on the light side for my tastes. After around an hour and a half, I really had to press my nose into my wrist to smell it clearly. While I certainly don't like overpowering scents, this was just a bit too light for me I think.
The more I smell it, however, the more I like it. It still is quite light, and I'm not yet sure if anyone else could smell it on me (I'll test that out a bit later).
If you like gentle floral scents with not too much throw, this is great for you. As I said, it smells really nice, just not exactly a scent I would pin as very "me" but hey, I have it now, so I'm gonna use it!

Update 9:50 PM  4/11/11 : I wore Psyche once more today to a job interview. After a couple of hours it was there, but the scent was not obvious. I might try going for a heavier application and see if that changes things. It's a shame I haven't gotten these scents to last longer, they smell soooooo pretty!!

Gilded, right from the bottle, is pretty strong. Just waving it under my nose, it smells like lemon cakes or cookies. Very lemony and very sweet. I REALLY like it! After having just applied it for the first time, I can definitely smell it on me without having to actually sniff myself =P which I definitely like (I prefer for perfumes to be smell-able without someone having to actively lean in and sniff me, ideally). It smells essentially the same as in the bottle, just more diffused.

Update as of  1:05AM  4/9/11:  I refreshed this perfume before going out to dinner. I didn't think to check it while I was out, but when I got home approximately 2 hours later, the scent was still there, but I really had to SNIFF to find it, which makes me a little sad panda =( but it really is a lovely yummy scent! More notes later!

Update 4/26/11:  I've used Gilded a few more times, this time applying more heavily. When applied a bit more than I might normally use, this perfume lasts around two hours on me. After that, it's just barely there if you REALLY try to find it. I wish it would last longer though!

I am definitely pleased with my experience with Poison Apple. The scents are really lovely, and I have a bunch more on my wish list, which I will be purchasing samples of to make my final decision =D I can't wait to try more scents!
And please excuse me if this review is somehow lacking, I've never reviewed perfume before and am not entirely familiar with how best to do so!!


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