Sunday, May 1, 2011

SoBe Primed and Proper

Here are my experiences using Sobe's Primed and Proper. This is really sort of a journal format, I wrote it in pieces after each use. Just recording my results with this product. All I can say is that I was hoping for more. Prepare for lots of sadfaces!

Right off the bat, it doesn't seem to create much of a base for my shadows to cling to. When I pat color on as normal, I can see the veins in my eyelid through the shadow. Now, I do have quite obvious veins all around the eyelid area, but this isn't something I've experienced yet. Every shade I've used seemed sheer. Even using Pixie Epoxy didn't seem to create the same BAM it usually does =(
It's recommended to use it wet if that works, but I'm usually using such a tiny tiny amount that by the time I even get it onto my whole lid, it's bone dry.
With UDPP I'm used to just slapping on some primer, patting on shadow and not even thinking about it. I've slept without removing my makeup a few times, and it's still fairly there in the morning. I don't know what to do!

First use: used a small amount, as I had gathered that was appropriate. Spread over eyelids and up to crease, and on lower lashline. Some burning in one eye for a couple minutes. Applied TKB shades (with added base). Creased and faded quite substantially within four or five hours

Second use: Used a still smaller amount. Don't remember which brand of shadow I used. Did not crease as badly as before after about five hours, but there was noticeable creasing and some fading.

Third use: Used a small amount (similar to amount used on second try), then pixie epoxy. Used two Fyrinnae shadows. When I checked my lids around 8-9 hours later, the shadows had faded to the point that there was almost nothing there at all, which was hugely disappointing. Never had that result with PE! It had also creased substantially.

Fourth use: Applied a tiny tiny amount (squeezed the primer out JUST a bit, let it touch my ring finger, and used half of that tiny dab for each lid. Applied one Aromaleigh Rocks! shadow. When I returned home six hours later and checked, it was very very faded and creasing very noticeably.
Will keep trying.

Fifth use: Used a slightly larger amount (I thought I was using way too little, as my lids acted like I wasn't even wearing a primer) and just one basic shimmery eyeshadow from Stardust all over. The application was sheer. Five hours later, it was fading noticeably and transferring into my crease and above substantially. Ten hours after application, it had faded and creased noticeably. I don't get it!! What am I doing wrong!? AGH! I are confuse =(

Sixth use: Used about the same small amount I've been using, ever so slightly more than use #4, then used Kryolan aqua pearlshades in Anthracite over top. Then, a Hi Fi color on the lid and two archetype colors in the crease. Upon application, everything looked pretty good over the extra base. Four hours later, everything still looks fine. No creasing. A very small amount of fading in the crease colors. Six hours later, it's beginning to crease. The colors that did not have the Anthracite base under them are fading noticeably. Ten hours later, the shadow over the Kryolan base is pretty much fine. No noticeable fading and no creasing, but everything not on the base is fading and creasing. GRRR! Frustration! I really just don't think this base will work =( May just have to shell out the cash for UDPP again.. wish I had known this might not work for me first though =( POO!

Seventh use: I used substantially more this time than before. Easily 3 times the amount, and got arguably possibly better results *boggle*
It still didn't help the shadows go on well. They were sheer as heck =( and after 4 or so hours, there was no creasing but the color had faded a lot and transferred everywhere. I refreshed it with a bit more shadow over top since I was going out that evening, and about 6 hours after that, everything was a faded creasing mess =(

I give up. This just isn't getting any better. I'm gonna repurchase UDPP in the coming weeks. Poo. I really wish there had been some sort of indication that this might not work well for some.. but all the reviews I found were just GLOWING, about how well it works and how vibrant the shadows are =(
I'm really disappointed. Wish I could return the primer or something, but oh well. Just have to take a loss this time. I'm going to continue using it until I actually have any money to spend, as I'm currently way past what I should have spent from my savings what with not being able to work at all yet and having almost no money coming in, so poo on that, but if anything different happens, I'll update.

All in all, I had zero success with SoBe Primed and Proper. It just never worked. No matter the amount I used or what shadows I used, it transferred, faded and creased like crazy. I just don't get it =\ at first I felt like I was doing something wrong, but now I don't even know what the problem is. Ah well. Such is life!

Of course, I would like to note that I am not saying anything negative about the company itself. I've had only limited communication with the owner, but it's all been very professional and pleasant, my order was shipped promptly and well-packaged, and everything just went as one would expect. The product just didn't work for me. Of course, I couldn't speak for any other SoBe products! Just wanting to share my experiences with the intarwebz!

A little update: A while back, the owner responded to my less than positive feedback on the product by telling me she would send a blush or eyeshadow of my choice. I chose a blush, and never got it.
That is not to say that it was legitimately never sent, but I know how people on the internet work ;) She got her positive feedback, I have a shitty primer that doesn't work, and I kinda do think nothing was ever sent my way.

No biggie- it's just makeup, but it's not an ideal situation.


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