Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TKB Trading swatches round 2!

Here are a few more TKB swatches. Not too many colors, but I hope you enjoy!

Sparkle Turquoise + Echo + Ballad Blue +  Indian Blue

Echo and Ballad Blue go wonderfully together, Sparkle Turquoise is just lovely to use over top of a color, or to highlight or whatever else you like, and Indian Blue is also really nice. And as always, TKB is a great company to order from, but remember that these micas are not finished eyeshadows when you buy them, I have added a bit of Magnesium Myristrate and a bit of the TKB Matte Texture Base to them to improve their wear.


  1. Ooo those are all pretty. I really need to pick up some new tkb colors and base. I have 7 jars sitting in a drawer unused cause I forget about them.