Sunday, November 27, 2011

NYX mega shine lipgloss swatches and a small review

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I only have two of these glosses, but I really like them and would get more in the future <3 so here you are!

Chandelier + African Queen

These are great glosses, I think. They are ever so slightly sticky, but just enough that they have a little extra staying power and not enough to be irritating (I'm really, really not a fan of sticky glosses). They are scented really nicely and smell/taste sweet. The scent is strong, so if you're very sensitive to scents, be careful with these. However, I do enjoy it. 
Chandelier really gives me just a pretty, glossy pink with some sparkle. It's a great color for more casual or toned-down looks, I think.
African Queen is very well pigmented, and great for dramatic looks!

They both last for a number of hours, but do not stand up at all to eating, in my experience, and if you'll be out for a while (more than 3 hours or so), I would suggest taking them along to reapply as they will fade with time.
I'm very happy with these glosses, and would absolutely get more of them. Chandelier is definitely my favorite. It's so sparkly!



  1. These are very pretty :D I love the colors but I'm just not crazy about NYX in general despite the great prices. You should try out Soap Opera Queen!

  2. I've seen some swatches of Soap Opera Queen. It looks nice!! Thanks <3