Monday, August 22, 2011

Geek Chic cosmetics! Swatches and review

Hello again! About a month ago-ish, Geek Chic was having an awesome sale, and I was seduced into buying 3 full sizes (I didn't even ample first! Takin' a walk on the wild side!), Vector and Stay Indoors from the Geeks VS Zombies collection, and Solid Snake from the Single Player collection.
Along with my order was a free sample of Eyes of the Werewolf, and a business card.

Here are your sexy sexy swatches:

 Eyes of the Werewolf + Vector + Stay Indoors + Solid Snake

Stay Indoors + Solid Snake

These colors are all great. They apply as wonderfully as I've come to expect from the world of indie eyeshadow, and they all look lovely!
Eyes of the Werewolf, when I first saw it, wasn't terribly interesting to me (as neutrals generally are not interesting to me!), but on the rare occasion that I do need to do a neutral eye, I've found that it's a wonderful color for me, it really is great and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the color.
Vector is also nice, but to me the green in it seems a little weaker than I would like. It looks much like the swatch on the website, though, so there wasn't any false advertising, just me wanting more green!
I took pictures of Stay Indoors and Solid Snake together specifically because I always think it's tough to really judge black + sparkle colors without close-up pictures, so I hope these help anyone who's unsure. I love them both. They're pretty straightforward, the photos here are quite accurate to what they look like in real life.
There's nothing I have specifically to say here. The colors are all great, I even liked the neutral one! Shipping was prompt and it arrived quickly, and I had no issues with my order.
I would absolutely recommend Geek Chic to anyone, this experience was great!


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