Thursday, August 4, 2011

Klean Color palettes review and swatches

Good day! As mentioned in my NYX swatches here, I won a giveaway from Shonablew007 on Youtube. My package contained various products, among them two Klean Color palettes in Chic & Toxic, and Posh & Seductive. You can see these palettes here!
The colors weren't named or anything, so I just swatched them in the same configuration as they are on the palettes.
Swatched over Elf eyeshadow primer.

Chic & Toxic

Posh & Seductive

I'll be honest here, the pigmentation on these is hit and miss. Some of them really are nice. Not superduperawesome, but nice. The two shimmery whites in Chic & Toxic are good, and the gold and blue in the middle are okay. The darker colors (The black, navy blue, etc.) Are lacking, though =( So that's no fun. As for Posh & Seductive, the neutral/brown colors go on alright, and the shimmery purple in the middle on the top row is nice. The blue and green have less pigmentation than I like, and the rest are somewhere in the middle.
Overall, these are a couple of okay palettes. I wouldn't repurchase, as I'm not a huge fan of pressed shadows anyway and I already have colors that could replace these, and those colors that have less pigmentation are just not worth it, unfortunately.


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