Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lost in Makeupland swatches and review

Edit 8/27/11: I ordered a full size (Mini, in a 5 gram jar) of Faerie and it arrived today along with two shadow and one blush sample, and a sweet thank you note on the business card. All that was in a pink organza bag (A company after my own heart <3). I think the note was so sweet on top of the coupon code, I am really happy to support this company and will swatch the samples I got soonish- school's going now so I have less free time! Just wanted to be sure I updated. The highlighter has no sifter and it's packed so full I'm afraid to open it!! It also has a shrink band <3 much love for extra protection! Thanks, Lost in Makeupland!

I made an order from Lost in Makeupland on June 15th of this year. I don't remember exactly when it arrived (sorry!), but it was apparently a bit later than her usual TAT, so along with my order (a few samples) I got two extra samples and a coupon for 40% of a future order, along with a little handwritten 'sorry' note. I appreciate that a lot =) it was very sweet of them to send a coupon!

Here are your swatches! (over Elf eye primer)

 Glow + Faerie + Goomer + Man in the Box + Love, Hate, Love + Would?


Glow + Faerie

I purchased samples of Glow, Faerie, Goomer, and Love, Hate, Love. The other two were free.
Goomer and Man in the Box came off somewhat less pigmented than I would have expected, and Love, Hate, Love was slightly more sheer than I usually like. Would?, however, is a lovely color all around.
Glow and Faerie are aaaaawesome! I love them <3 They're quite similar to each other, in that they are both very soft highlight colors with some shimmer. Glow is warmer and has subtle golden sparkle to it, and Faerie is a pink-hued neutral color with just a teensy bit of shimmer. I really loved them both and I had a bit of a debate on which one I would get full size, since I need a more toned down highlighter for everyday stuff. I decided on Faerie since I just kinda liked it more for an everyday thing, so that's on its way now =)
I was a little disappointed with the pigmentation on some of the colors, unfortunately, but Glow and Faerie were just awesome for me in every way, I use them all the time.
I was fine with the TAT being a little longer, and was pleasantly surprised when I got a coupon! That definitely influenced me to purchase a full size jar more.
I will have to try some of these colors with different bases to see what happens; if I see any big changes, I'll update here. However, I am overall quite happy with this order and would recommend Lost in Makeupland.


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