Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics swatches and a teeny tiny review

A while ago, I was one of the winners of a little contest held by Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. As a prize, I was able to pick five different samples to receive =) I happily chose Holographic Lavender, Very Hot Pink, Super Sparkle Black Green, Holographic Black, and Purple Velvet.
The samples were shipped to me quickly, in a plain envelope with a note <3
The samples come in very small ziploc baggies. I prefer sample bags to be smaller, just gives less space for the pigment to sink into!

Here are your swatches!
Swatched over ELF primer on the left, and Pixie Epoxy on the right

Holographic Lavender is a pretty pale lavender (derp!) with holographic glitter. The glitter didn't come off super bright to me,  but it's there and it's a pretty color anyway. Since the glitter is chunky, you'll want to use a sticky base for this.
Very Hot Pink is really lovely =D Of course, it looks better over PE but is fine without. Just a great bright hot pink.
Super Sparkle Black Green is.. black with green sparkles. SURPRISE! This one also works much better over PE, but I find myself wishing the sparkles were a little more abundant.
Holographic Black is more greyed out, also with holographic sparkle. This is one that you'd definitely want to use over a sticky base, and is my least favorite of them all.
Purple Velvet looks, to me, like an ULTRA blackened purple with purple sparkle. I found that this one had the most obvious sparkle out of the 3 black-with-sparkle colors, and I think it's the prettiest! Yay purple!

Thanks to Dawn Eyes for the samples <3 and the lovely colors!


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