Sunday, October 16, 2011

A few more Lost In Makeupland swatches

Heyas! Along with my fullsize of Faerie, I got three samples (2 shadows, 1 blush) so here are some more swatches!

But I Like It + Volta + Seven Nation Army

But I Like It is probably not a very me-color, but it is interesting and the sample is very generous!
Volta and Seven Nation Army are both awesome. The pigmentation is really great, and just... yeah. Seven Nation Army appeared to have more silver sparkle to it than anything, but gold/copper is showing up in the picture for some reason!
These colors are all lovely. I like the blush even though I don't think it'll do much for my skintone, and the shadows are really gorgeous! Much much better pigmentation than the ones I swatched previously.


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