Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hot Topic Foil Lip Gloss- Swatches and review

Hallo! I have some swatches for you. Today, I'd like to talk about Hot Topic's foil lip glosses. I picked up the pink and blue glosses when they were on clearance just recently for about $2 each. Gotta say, I'm not too impressed.

Indoors, natural light

Outdoors, natural light.


These glosses are pretty meh. They're unbranded, just labeled with "Hot topic foil lip gloss" and the ingredients. The pink is alright. It's very sheer, but it's glossy and pretty and the green highlight shows up. The blue, however, is disappointing. It looks pretty, but on my lips it sinks into lines, is patchy and really sheer. It just looks bad =(
Both of these are unscented, so they just smell like the ingredients in them. It's kinda unpleasant, really. I might pick up a flavor oil or two from TKB so that I can use these without em being icky. The texture is fine. They feel a little thick, but are only slightly sticky. Not bad, but could be better. These are likely not available anymore, but just in case, I don't recommend them. The pink is okay, but there are WAY better cheapo glosses. I'll still see if I can work with them since I have them, but I definitely wouldn't repurchase.
One star, because the pink looks pretty nice on me.


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