Thursday, November 24, 2011

Milani Lip Flash pencil- Star Flash swatches and a small review

I'm a big fan of Milani~ I just love their stuff so much! SO I had to pick up a Lip Flash pencil when I was at the drugstore a while back! I chose Star Flash, a light light pink with plenty of shimmer to it.

Swatched over bare skin
Indoors, natural light

Outdoors, natural light

This is your usual jumbo pencil, about the same size as NYX's jumbo eye and lip pencils. The texture is kinda sticky. Not in a sticky lipgloss way, but in a thick sort of lipstick base way, if you get what I mean. It drags a little when you apply it, but I find that it still looks really nice. There's no scent, so it just smells like the ingredients that make it up. Not really a bad smell, but not all that pleasant either, I think.
Overall, I really love this pencil. The texture could be glossier, but it looks awesome on me. It's a super light pink with tons of sparkle, great for casual days. 5 stars for this little guy!


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