Sunday, January 15, 2012

More NYX swatches- slide on pencils and jumbo eyeshadow pencils

Hellooooo again!
I've had some jumbo eyeshadow pencils from NYX for a long time, and I'm finally posting em! I've also had a couple slide-on eye pencils for a little while, too. Ahem!

Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil: BLACK BEAN + MILK + LAVENDER + PURPLE

I'm sure you all know plenty about these, especially the jumbo pencils, but here they are again anyway! The jumbo pencils really are a must-have, especially in black bean and milk. These will provide an easy to use sticky base that makes your shadow POP fo real real! =D Of course, being a creamy product, they will crease (on me anyway, even with primer) after a few hours. They crease more if I apply the product more heavily, of course. Lavender is an awesome, very light, shimmery color that creates a nice almost neutral base for my everyday sort of shadows. I use this under many colors, particularly cool shades and purples (which I use often). Purple is perfect under purple and blue shades, for me! I'm happy with these pencils and would buy more if another color caught my eye.

The slide-on pencils are NYX's take on the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. I think they're pretty comparable, having 2 of each and comparing them. They're still not the perfect eyeliner for me and like every other liner ever, they won't stay put on my waterline. (Nothing will =( I've looked for so long, and no dice!) but they work great on the lashline and last for hours. You could also use these as a base for color, but they will likely crease after a while. I like using pure white to guide the shape of cat-eye shadow, and sometimes to highlight the inner corner. These are great overall pencils and so far I have no real complaints to share with you.


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