Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss; "Jesse"

I picked this up during a clearance sale a while ago, and it looks like this particular shade isn't around anymore.
But here are some swatches of the gloss. Over bare skin, as usual:


I really like this gloss. It's a plummy purple color, high shine/gloss, with just a tiny bit of subtle sparkle. The color is really sheer on the lips; just a light wash of color. I LOVE this over the UD Lip Envy stain (I have "Greedy"), since I find that the stain comes off patchy and this evens it out wonderfully.
This has a pretty thick texture, and is a bit sticky. I do HATE sticky glosses (like MAC glosses), and don't have problems with this. It's most gooey than sticky, and while you probably will get any loose-flying hairs stuck in this, I don't think it's unreasonably sticky. 
I've seen that a lot of people really dislike the smell of this. I am not one of those people! It's supposed to smell like creme brulee. I find the smell to be a lot like fresh oatmeal cookies, or pancakes and syrup. There is no very noticeable taste. The smell IS fairly strong, and I find that this gloss will last me most of the day, and the smell sticks around just as long. Again, I am a big fan of the scent, but others really seem to hate it, so be aware!


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