Thursday, February 2, 2012

Puricute, and Gimp image software


I wanted to make a quick post to highlight a couple cool things that I've come to really enjoy, and that hopefully you will too!

The first is Puricute. This is a website that lets you upload photos and alter them in the style of Purikura! (aka: Flippin adorable <3)
Here are some of my silly puricute pictures! You can see them animated if you check out my profile!

It's adorable and fun and I loves it <3 Go check it out! They have contests once in a while, too =D

Next is Gimp. This has been around forever but I only recently downloaded it. It's just a free image editor- like photoshop, only accessible and the people who own it aren't assholes...
Anyway, it's a great program and has all the basic junk you need to edit photos/drawings/whatever. There are TONS of addons for it as well, which is great! You can find everything on the website. Just wanted to throw that out there, in case anyone was needing a decent image program!!


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