Sunday, April 22, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil swatches and review

Hi all!
I have a couple liners to show you today, of the ever popular Urban Decay 24/7 variety :)
Swatched on bare skin, photographed in natural light.


To be perfectly honest, I'm not a fan.
These are okay liners and all, but in general I find them to be poorly pigmented, greasy, and generally unsatisfying. I know they're from a high end brand and everyone loves them, but I'm not going to buy any more of them. I have problems with many eyeliner pencils; my very oily lids cause pencils to smudge wildly over the course of a few hours, and I've yet to find any liner that I can wear on my waterline without it wearing off within an hour. These have all the problems I commonly experience with other eyeliner pencils, despite being substantially more expensive.

First, the color payoff:
There's a great selection of wild colors in Urban Decay's line, and they are interesting and nice. However, the payoff is relatively poor. You can see in the pictures that both pencils, but Ransom especially, are sort of washed out. While they DO look nice, and you can see them on, I'm not satisfied with them.
Like I said, I have this problem with any liner. However, it seems to happen a bit more with the Urban Decay liners than, say, Milani's Liquif'eye liners. If I'm not very careful in my placement of these liners, they'll absolutely smudge all over, particularly around the corners of my eyes.
I've seen some people wearing these on the waterline, and I must say that I'm envious!
Again, I have massive problems wearing any product at all on my waterline. Without fail, everything I've used has simply worn off and run out to the corners of my eyes within an hour or two, so I don't wear anything on my waterline anymore.
I was thinking that maybe I'd be able to use these on my waterline, since I hadn't used any high end products yet. Unfortunately, no dice. I couldn't even get these to show up, let alone stay for any length of time. All I got was a very light wash of color, and they clumped up badly in the base of my eyelashes due to how very creamy they are. This was definitely disappointing as I couldn't even wear them on the waterline for a few pictures- there's no way a camera would pick up the light wash of color these gave me!

Overall, I wouldn't recommend these, especially to those who have had similar eyeliner experiences as me in the past.
Were these sold at a drugstore price, they may be worth getting to mess around with. However, at a high price like they are currently, they just aren't worth it. The color payoff is poor, the application is less than stellar, and they don't last terribly long in my experience. As an alternative, I would recommend the NYX Slide-On pencils (see my swatches here). These are much less expensive dupes, and I find the color payoff to be more satisfactory (though I still can't wear them on the waterline).
This is one area where Urban Decay has failed me. I'll keep on using the pencils I have now, since they're not entirely terrible and they do show up some, but they're not a go-to product by any means.


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