Friday, May 11, 2012

A couple of my favorite products- Maybelline Dreammatte powder and Wet N Wild Lash INTENSE mascara

Hi Hi everybody!
I just wanted to blabber a little bit today about two of my absolute go-to makeup products <3

First on the list is Maybelline Dreammatte poweder!

Please enjoy two LOVELY pictures! ;P

Here, you can see the one I've SERIOUSLY used up (It's gone. All of it!) next to one that is almost new. I really do love this stuff!
I had heard a few things about this, and now I've been using it for something like a year with complete satisfaction. I don't have any swatches because it just blends right in with my skin. I use shade two, "Sand" for my skintone and it works beautifully. There are four shades available for a range of skincolors, but unfortunately this powder seems to cater to those with lighter skin.

As for function, this stuff is perfect for me-
It's a light coverage powder.
I don't use foundation or concealer, and most of the time I don't wear any makeup at all, but the times when I do want to make myself up, I just sweep some of this onto my face with a large fluffy face brush, and it evens me out some.
It does not look cakey or thick, and in fact I find that it's quite hard to tell I have any powder on- but it does even out imperfections and give an overall nicer look to my skin. I'm sure this would be fine over concealer or a light foundation, as well.

The top opens in a clamshell style, and the compartment underneath twists open to reveal a small round applicator and mirror. The applicator is fine for the occasional touch-up, but I wouldn't recommend using it regularly- use a brush instead! The mirror is also meh. It works, but it's small and now super high quality. It is good to have around, though.

This is an easy to find, inexpensive powder. It will run about 8 bucks at a drugstore, and I think it's absolutely worth the price!

Next up is Wet n Wild's Lash INTENSE mascara.
Unfortunately, it seems this is discontinued :( but I've managed to find a few at the swap meet in town here, and ebay seems to have a decent stock as well.

I just have this in black, and I'm honestly not sure whether it comes in other colors. Black is all I need <3
Mostly, I love the brush. It's a rubber brush with one half covered in bristles, and the other side with just a single row of bristles. I always use the larger part for application, but I'm sure the single row works for something too :P

Again, no swatches. This is just my go to mascara.
I don't find I need too much in the way of help to beef up my lashes. They're quite dark and fairly long on their own, but this just adds that little extra (eyeshadow looks off with no mascara!!).
Unfortunately I don't really have too much to say here. I'm bummed this isn't easily accessible anymore, because I just hate the usual bristle brushes for mascara, and this one has served me well for a good long time.

Bye for now!


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