Sunday, June 17, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria~ More swatches and such!

I'm back (finally) with some Morgana junk, enjoy!!


These are two of the glosses that came out ~sort of~ recently. I'm late, I know :(

Anyway, you can see the colors here and get a good idea of what they look like.
As for quality goes, Morgana is always great and these glosses are nice! They're not my favorite lip products for a few reasons, but generally I like them.
They're not at all sticky (which I love, but of course that means their staying power is fairly low. I have to reapply around every 40 minutes or so...) and they go on a little sheer. You need to use a base, or build up the color to really make them POP! My only other complaint is that they can pool up in lines in your lips. Really nothing big, just a couple small gripes.
As for good stuff, the colors are great, clearly! They feel nice on the lips, and look nice as well. Aside from my couple of little complaints, these are great glosses.

And of course, Morgana Cryptoria is WIN! Her customer service is just spot on, she has it all DOWN and knows exactly how to be personable and professional, all that good stuff!
Go buy stuff!


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