Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Funtiemz!

I felt like sharing some of the amusing things that have gone on in my life since the beginning of this year.
And my, are they ever amusing...

First, Phoenix Comic Con! This wasn't the earliest thing that happened this year, but who the hell cares about chronological order anyway?

 And then this happened... I don't know them, but mohawk. Also robin, but first MOHAWK!

 Quail Man!

 I photobombed a picture of Catwoman. Wish I could find the other angle of this! I have some epic trollface going on here...

A picture I snapped of my legs on the way to Hypnotica :D Hooray!
HYPNOTICA! It was funzz!

Ai can haz Thor costume? :D

Enjoy that pointless insight into my life!

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