Monday, October 15, 2012

Pirate Costume V 2.0

Hey there! Long time no see!!

Please forgive my lack of posts- I could make all sorts of excuses but the simple fact is that blogging hasn't been top priority recently for a number of reasons. Anyway, I'm BACK now with a little post and I really hope to get blogging again! Hooray!

So, as you may see by the title, this post is all about my Pirate outfit. Recently I've been wanting to revamp it and make it more comfortable and wearable- before, it was cumbersome, didn't look all that great, and just wasn't any fun to wear. So I came up with a new, sleek design and started shopping around!

Finally, I decided on a few products that I needed to spruce up my outfit and just a week ago, I had a chance to buy everything I needed. I'm still waiting on a few bits and bobs, but do expect reviews on the following products!

First, I needed BOOTS!

These are the Captain Hook boots from By The Sword, an online retailer of various renaissance, medieval and other clothing, accessories, weaponry... SO MANY THINGS!
Anyway, they looked great on the website and the price wasn't too bad ($76.00), and shipping to me in Arizona brought it up to $88.00- still not too bad. I will say briefly, I wish I had known that these were Pleaser brand boots, as I am not a HUGE fan of that brand. They seem fine so far, but we'll see when it comes time to write a proper review :)

Then, I needed a new BODICE!

I was lucky enough to catch this corset when it was on sale for something like $80, which was a killer deal! I'm very happy with it, though I should have gotten it in a size smaller than I did, as I MAY not be able to cinch it up ultra tight if/when I lose a bit of weight. Argh!!
Again, more when I review it for real, but it's pretty darn good. The clasps are annoying, to say the least, but all in all it's a nice corset and I'm quite happy with it.

And then, a spiffy new BLOUSE!
I picked up the Pirate Wench Blouse in Red from Dresslikeapirate (number one pirate costuming store, absolutely!) and it is gorgeous! Very red, SUPER soft and lightweight, the fabric feels wonderfully cool and soft on my skin, and it looks exactly like the picture. I can not wait to review this bad boy!

And last but not least, a proper WEAPON!
The Lightweight Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol is my firearm of choice, and it lived up to my expectations! While it is obviously a costume prop, for around the $30 mark it's a great piece and is indeed very lightweight. This will be no trouble to carry around all day in costume. Awesome!

Last, I picked up a number of various pieces of jewelry from ebay. I'll review each seller individually once all orders come in, but I got a ton of jewelry, so I don't quite feel like linking each piece itself right now :P

So yay, Pirate stuffs!


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