Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review- Pirate Hat

Hooray Pirate things!
I'm here today to review one of the most important items a Pirate can own; a hat!
I bought mine at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, but this particular hat is sold other places as well, including as the "Pirate Festival Tricorn". It's sold there for $26.00, which seems a good price to me as I paid about $30 for mine.

Here you can see the hat from all sorts of angles, as well as the feathers and pentacle brooch that I've added for decoration so far. The hat comes plain, of course, but I've added an ostrich feather, pheasant feather, two peacock plumes and a brooch to dress it up a bit. I'll likely add more as time goes by, but I quite like it for now!

I'm exceptionally happy with this hat. On Dresslikeapirate, they mention that it will fit heads approximately 23" around. Mine is about 22" and this hat fits me beautifully, and the fullness of my hair keeps it snug to my head.

First, it looks lovely. The artificial wear pattern on it is a mottled golden-bronzey brown, almost black in places. It doesn't look too fake in my opinion and adds just a little bit of interest, rather than just a plain color all over.

It's also highly customizable! As you can see, it has little Xs on the sides into which you can slip some feather or somesuch, and you can also secure decorations along the inside of the folds, as I've done with my two large feathers. Further, the edges of the hat are all wired. The wire is pretty robust, so it won't just flop around willy-nilly, but you CAN reposition it if you like! This is one thing I really like about the hat. Every Pirate can make his or her own hat out of it, and really set themselves apart!

In terms of quality, this is definitely not a handmade leather hat that will last you a lifetime, but as a low priced, basic piece, it is exceptional. It's made of some sort of foamy-feeling material, and is therefore somewhat squishy and quite comfortable to wear. The material seems durable and through about a year of having it I've not noticed any significant signs of wear.

The hat is also comfortable! While it doesn't breathe exceptionally well, I still find it fairly comfortable even in the Arizona heat. I would recommend wearing a scarf or bandana of some sort to mitigate the sweat, but this hat wears well and feels nice. The elastic band on the inside is not too tight at all, and just grips a tiny bit to help keep the hat on your head. I can't even feel the tag inside it, and have not come across any complaints about this hat comfort-wise.

All in all, 5 stars! I really like this thing and would readily invite any other Pirates to purchase it if their heart so desired. This is the hat I'm wearing in my profile pic on my blog as well- that was the day I bought it :)


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