Saturday, November 3, 2012


Good morning, lovable wonderfuls! I have some Halloween goodness to share with you (sorry it's a few days after the fact. But let's face it, every day should be Halloween as far as I'm concerned, so...). Are you excited!? Yay!

I didn't do too much this year, since Halloween was on a Wednesday and I had homework, school, and Tim had work to tackle. But we did head out to the Surly Wench, my most favoritest bar, for their little Halloween thingamajig!

Our costumes this year were fairly subtle, but I'm really happy with how they turned out and from the responses we got, I consider it all a big success!

So, no more waiting, let's get to the costumes already!

Here we are with my friend Sarah (Beetlejuice!) as Hipster Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!
A few people actually thought we were actually hipsters, which would be offensive, but indeed that is sort of the point of the costume ;D so I consider it a big success!
I made Tim's hat myself, using this tutorial. It was quite good, and certainly for a costume I think it turned out well! My glasses are from Zenni Optical and the rest of the costumes were found at thrift stores (HOW awesome is that skirt, by the way!? Red, with buttons down the front, belt loops on it, and printed with old timey bikes. OMG! It's PERFECT for the hipster crap!)
We had an awesome time, even though we couldn't stay much past midnight. The Wench is always fun!

With Chris and Josh (Captain Marvel and Robin)

 Obligatory filthy bathroom mirror picture

 And obligatory shoes picture!

How was your Halloween? I hope you all had an awesome time! Halloween is one of the best holidays, hands down. I wish we could celebrate it all month instead of just one day!


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