Sunday, November 4, 2012

We found a kitten!

Gooood afternoon, lovely beauties of the internet!
I have a sweet and adorable story to share with you all.

Unfortunately, I only have just a few pictures, but at least the pictures are FREAKISHLY ADORABLE!

A couple of weeks ago, Tim and I were sitting out on the porch one night. We kept hearing this faint, quiet meowing. I thought it was coming from the neighbor's yard or something. There are plenty of stray cats in the area, after all.
After a few minutes, Tim says "There's a cat on the porch."
Indeed, there was a cat on the porch...

HOW CUTE!! This little kitten was hiding underneath our barbecue and behind a bunch of junk... No idea how she got onto the porch, past the dogs, but she did! 

It took a little while, but we coaxed her out of hiding with some water and most of all, FOOD!

This adorable little beast was insanely hungry. She ate way more than a kitten likely should...

I have no clue how long she'd gone without anything to eat, though, so we just let her eat. 

After a little bit, we got her into a cat carrier and brought her inside.

Is she not the CUTEST thing EVER!?

We cuddled her for a while- Tim more than me, since he LOVES cats, especially white ones :)

She was super needy and cuddly, and always wanted to be held! Really. Adorable.

 We decided to name her Thomas, Destroyer of Worlds, Eater of Children, Conqueror of Planets; Old One.
I think it suits her.

We only had her for two nights.

Because my dad's girlfriend had been looking for another cat and was happy to take her.

I'm glad she could do it, because this little kitten really needed more love and company than we could give, not to mention we really aren't equipped to deal with a kitten right now anyway!

And that is the story of Thomas, Destroyer of Worlds, Eater of Children, Conqueror of Planets; Old One.


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