Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few Cybergoth looks

Good morning, afternoon and evening!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need to post more looks. Usually I feel like even when they look great, the photos are crap and I don't have the courage to share. But I need to get over that and just start posting them! So here are a couple looks that I've done for/with Cybergoth outfits. There will definitely be more, better ones in the future as I've gotten Tim into Cybergoth (muahahahahaaa!!) and have made a couple new pairs of cyberlox, as well as revamping my old ones a lot! So do look forward to more.

 First- nothing too exciting, this is just Aromaleigh Teenagekicks (neon, matte pink) applied wet with some black eyeliner and mascara. But I thought it was a cute picture and I fucked around with it in GIMP a bit, so here you go!

 And one little, simple look from a Sanctuary event in November (2012)
I wore this look with a pair of caution tape falls that I worked up earlier in the day, and it looked awesome!

 For this, I used UDPP as usual, with a bunch of Glamour Doll Eyes Disco White patted onto the lid.
I used TKB Noble Silver Sparks all over everything else, and lined my eye with Maybelline Ultra Liner in black, and added some of NYX's Glam Liner in the color Glam platinum for some extra accent.

 I also drew on a teeny tiny circuit thinger! Hooray!

 And here I am with my caution tape falls! They were super, ridiculously simple to make. I may do a little how-to on these if I feel up to it!

And here's my lovely mother on the left, my bestie Miasma in the middle and myself on the right!

And BONUS! Here's a little somethin from Industrial Bowling in December. Tim is so cute! ZOMG!

Aaaaand of course, Miasma and I. She's so awesome! 

Also, did you notice my eyebrows are purple and pink here? I've been doing them crazy colors lately, which I will certainly be posting about soon!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


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