Saturday, January 12, 2013

Old, unwearable boots made new and AWESOME! (with leather straps and spikes!)

Hi there, beautiful reader!
Recently, Tim and I decided to modify and fix an old pair of boots of his. They had been worn and loved for many, many years and had holes, broken snaps, and tears all over. They were unwearable before we fixed them up, but now with a bit of craftiness and love, they are freakishly awesome again, even more than if they were brand new! Hooray!

So, here's a before picture for you:

Not in the best of shape, to say the least.
There were snaps that didn't go together anymore, holes, the boots were worn and faded, and really needed some love...

This one is tough to see, but it was a pretty large tear on the side of the boot.
 So we took a trip to Tandy Leather and got some leather needles, artificial sinew, a bit of pretty black scrap leather, some new snaps, and a huge bag of spikes on clearance (SCORE!). I also had a leather punch already that we used. Nifty!

 I stitched this back together, as the flap was nearly falling off! Simple enough.

We pried out the old snaps, too.

And I stitched this big hole closed...

Stitched some torn bits on this flap on the other boot, as well :)

Sorry there aren't any pictures in between the fixing and starting to add the straps! We got to work pretty quickly on this, so there wasn't much thought of taking pictures :P
But here, you can see the straps that we added and a few of the spikes. The scrap of leather we got was a nice rectangle, so we cut strips of various sizes and punched holes in appropriate places around the boot where they would look good anchored.
Also, the spikes we got were not screw in, but rivet spikes. So Tim had to pick up a tap and die set and thread the damn things, as well as buy screws that would fit them, before we could get going full speed!

Mostly finished here, just needing snaps, studs and a few nuts to put on the remaining screws!

And done!! I added some little skull and crossbones studs that I had on hand onto some of the straps. Aren't they just lovely!?

I might like them more than Tim does! And these babies will be so perfect for cybergoth outfits ;D

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed this little foray into our boot-modifying adventures.
Have a lovely day!


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