Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ghost B.C. at the Rialto in Tucson - 4-23-13

Hi again!
In the past few months, thanks to Tim, I have been introduced to a band that's quickly crawled to the top of my most favorite artists list: Ghost!

I love them. I love them SO. MUCH.

Not but a few months after I started listening to them and loving their first album, Opus Eponymous, did their second album come out- Infestissumam! I love their sound overall, but what REALLY makes this band is their fabulous image. They have a strong theme and these fuckers run with it. No question, they are awesome! And not only are they awesome, but Tim and I were lucky enough to see them when they came to town! ZOMG! It was a shock that they would come to Tucson anyway, not to mention play at such a small venue (The Rialto) for such a cheap price ($19!) I nearly fainted when I found out! So, of course, we had to go all out for it!

First, I made shirts for both of us

 Front. Bleach stencils of ghost logos. I'm so pleased with how mine came out... except for that one side of the "O" that went all crazy... but ah well! Such is the nature of bleach!
Also, please notice the amazing Ghost rosary Tim got for me at the concert!!

And the back! I didn't cut up Tim's, but I thought it would look cool on mine :D and it DOES!
This stencil came out fucking beautifully- I could hardly have asked for anything better, honestly. Fuck yeah Papa Emeritus!

I made one very similar for the Tim monster, so we could wear em and match n be all cute!

Then, I had to do our makeup...

 Products Used
MAC Prep&Prime
Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer
Ben Nye white cream face paint
Ben Nye translucent setting powder
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Black Bean
NYX lipliner pencil in Black Berry
Wet n Wild matte black shadow from the "Blue had me at hello" palette
Revlon liquid eyeliner in Black

Products Used:
MAC Prep&Prime
Coastal Scents under-eye brightener
Maybelline Dreammatte powder
Maybelline Great lash Mascara
WnW matte black eyeshadow
Persephone Minerals Sailor Mars eyeshadow "Mars Flame Sniper"
NYX white eyeliner pencil (for outlining)
Physician's Formula lash boosting serum eyeliner pen in Black [note: I KILLED this pen, halfway through doing my eyeliner stuff. Dead. Gone. I am really bummed about this because it's a kickass eyeliner and I had only BARELY used it. I'm really thinking hard about whether I want to get another.]
NYX lipliner pencil in Black Berry
MAC lipstick in Midnight Media

It took a few hours to get everything done, but I am very happy with how it all turned out. A couple people wanted to take pictures with us, too, which is always nice!

The show was kickass. Totally incredible, and we're both SO happy we had the chance to go!! Here's some video from the concert. Plenty of people were filming, so there are quite a few clips!

Ghost is the shit. I love them, and so should you!


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