Monday, February 2, 2015

MBA Cosmetics "Sugar Babies" lip glaze & HD Lip Paint swatches and review

HI again!!

It's been AGES since I made a post, I know. I've just been doing life stuff and the blog has definitely not taken priority, plus I haven't been doing as much makeup lately (or buying as much), though I definitely do have some stuff to show off!

Today I am back with swatches and a little review for My Beauty Addiction, aka MBA Cosmetics.

On the MBA Facebook Page, one can regularly find Fan of the Week giveaways, where the company picks one fan who comments on, likes and/or shares a lot of their stuff, to win a little selection of products from their shop.

I was lucky enough to win a little while back, and I got five of their Sugar Babies Lip Glaze in the colors Stargazer, Burlesque, Medusa, Poison and Indigo. A bit later, I also picked up a Slim Tube of their HD Lip Paint "Indigo" because I can NOT get enough of that color!! Every time I see it on someone I just swoon, so I had to have the lip paint as well.

Both packages came to me safe and sound, all the products were wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap and nothing was damaged.

The packaging is simple and functional, and the labels on the Sugar Babies are the same as the HD Lip Paint slim tube. They all have a little sticker on them indicating the color, which seems to want to fall off all the time.

The Sugar Babies are in brush-tip applicators that you twist the bottom to dispense. It took quite a bit of twisting to start getting product out, but be cautious, because once that stuff gets going, it GETS GOING! Advance these babies slowly to be sure you don't push out a bunch of product.

These apply well from the brush, but you can always use a different brush or your fingers or some other applicator if you prefer. Since these are a lighter, buttery glaze rather than a thick lipstick, I find that I don't need super precise and perfect application. Lip gloss is easy!

sugar babies lip glaze:

hd lip paint:

The colors really are nice and vibrant. Really, I wasn't expecting a ton of pigmentation from the glazes but I was pleasantly surprised. The swatches on the website are pretty darn accurate, so you can feel secure that the color you see is basically what you will get.

The lip paint is highly pigmented and thick like most lipsticks. As it is a strong color, I suggest using a brush to apply this. Messes would be hellish to clean up! The color is just superb, I really can't say enough how much I love Indigo. Also, as you can see the Lip Paint matches the Sugar Baby perfectly, there is no variation between the color itself.

The Sugar Babies won't last all day, being a more buttery and moisturizing lip glaze. They are not sticky glosses, so be prepared to touch these up as needed.

The lip paints do have some lasting power, especially over a lip primer, but I do not find that they will last through a lot of eating or drinking- like most lipsticks, they are going to fade if you touch them a lot!

I have tried layering the Sugar Babies over the Lip Paint, and found that the Sugar Babies sort of wanted to drag the Lip Paint off my lips with it, so I would not really suggest using this method.

I was really happy with these, and I have ordered a few more lipsticks/lip paints from MBA that I will be swatching for you in the near future.

Thanks for reading. It's great to be back!


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