Sunday, November 29, 2015

MOHAWK Update!

It's been a bit, but I'm back once more to share cute and wonderful things.

In my last post, I mentioned that my hair is very different now, and it is! Around April of this year (2015) I decided to FINALLY go for it...
I have wanted a mohawk since high school, but I was always afraid that it would look silly, my head is weird shaped, blah blah blah, so many reasons to not do it.. well, at my dear friend's Viking Wedding, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely and wonderful woman with a fabulous mohawk. I was so impressed with her hair, and I sat and talked with her all evening. We discussed my desire for a 'hawk, and she told me, "Just do it! If you hate it, it's only hair. It will grow back."
And she was so right. What's the use in worrying about what MIGHT go wrong, when this is something I want so badly?
So a few days later, my partner helped me section off my hair and he shaved it into a sweet lil chelsea hawk!

 Here it is right after shaving! We left quite a bit in the front, because I was still wanting to be cautious. I ended up having my hair dresser bring it up a bit further when I went to see her.

 And here's the very first time I put it up! I've figured out now that if I brush my hair, it gets frizzy as fuck and stands up nicely on its own!

 Here's a fun bonus from bleaching; I decided to nix the black and go with color all over again, but the bleached golden yellow looked so cool that I kept it like that for a few days

And another of the hawk put up, plus hair accessories!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this cut. It was SUPER cool and comfortable during the summer, and it has so far not been too cold for the cooler fall weather. This is much easier to manage on a daily basis, too. Even if I do nothing at all to my hair in the morning, it still looks fuckin rad ;) 
I should have done this years ago when I first wanted to, that's for sure! It makes me so happy to look in the mirror and see how great this cut looks on me. I really love it! Plus, now me and the boy both have mohawks, so we match and it's adorable!

If you're thinking of doing something wild and crazy with your appearance, don't let fear stand in the way. Do what you love!
What fun, wacky and wild things have YOU done lately? Tell me all about it!


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