Tuesday, July 26, 2016

[video] Making a small dress larger - Skeleton dress DIY alteration

Here's a simple, fast video to show how I like to make tank/tunic dresses that are too small, big enough to wear!
Not much to it:
1. undo the side seams (or if it's seamless, carefully cut straight up the sides)
2. Determine how much extra room you need. This dress measured 30" around the bust, unstretched. I decided to add 3" of stretchy fabric to each side, making it 36" unstretched.
3. I added one inch of seam allowance, so I cut out 4" wide strips of fabric.
4. I also decided to add fishnet on top of the stretchy wetlook fabric I was using. I stitched them together initially with a zigzag stitch, then hemmed the top edge by folding it under twice and zigzagging over it.
5. I pinned the side panels to the dress and tried it on since my work is imprecise most of the time. It fit great! So I sewed the side seams, and hemmed the bottom edge same as the top.
6. Ta-da! All done! This is great for simple cut dresses that are too small, especially in stretchy fabrics. There is so much you can do to alter clothes!

Let me know what you think and please feel free to share your DIY projects in the comments!

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