Monday, August 1, 2016

[video] DIY Ouija Board Satanic Sweater Pins Tutorial (collaboration with Lunar Teacup)

Check out Lunar Teacup's half of this collaboration!
Working with her was a blast, she's a sweetheart! Check out her channel, subscribe, and enjoy~

Lunar Teacup and I got together to do a craft collab, and decided on Ouija Boards as a theme! Check out her gothy, spooky take on this theme. I thought I would go with a Spooky-Kawaii, pastel goth-y look. I really love how this turned out!

Follow along as we make some sweater pins!
Shrink plastic
Tracing paper
Colored pencils, markers
Glaze (mod podge dimensional magic)
Plastic chain (from ebay)
heart-shaped embellishments (ebay)
Swarovski Rhinestones, jeweler's wax pick, syringe & E6000 (from
Jump rings
Extra charms (optional)
Heat gun or oven

This was a time-consuming, but really fun project! Please share YOUR versions of this craft, tell me what you think, and feel free to ask questions!
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Music: [CYNICAL_MASS] - "Nightcall", "Evil Helps Us [instrumental]"
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Music used with artist permission.

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