Monday, October 31, 2016

[Video] DIY Pressed Rainbow Highlighter Tutorial

Hi guys!

Everyone is loving these rainbow colored highlights lately, so I thought I might as well pick up a pressing kit and try my hand at it too!
This was a time consuming project, but it was a lot of fun and yielded a great result. I picked up a cheap, wide brush to use with this, and it works perfectly.
The only thing I would change is to tone down the blue a bit more- all the other colors are much lighter and more ethereal, while the blue is still pretty obviously blue! I might even omit the blue altogether and skip straight to purple if I did this again.

I bought all the supplies for this from
Freebie Sampler:
Measuring Spoons:
Press Pack (38mm):
MyMix Pressing Medium:

Please note that the “pop” micas have been discontinued, but there are similar replacements for them on the site currently. The large jars and metal measuring spoons I am using also come from TKB!

As an alternative to storebought pans and a pressing tile, you can use an old empty makeup pan and a solid, fairly flat item of a similar size (like a coin or something), but the pressing kit is fairly inexpensive and a great option if you don't have what you need laying around the house already.

I already had a lot of various micas from TKB, but I think you could get away with just getting 5 or 6 colored micas, and their hilite sampler. Anything beyond that is just extra fun!


Raspberry Pop (1 smidgen)
Hilite Red (1 dash)

Tangerine Pop (1 smidgen)
Hilite Gold (1 pinch)
Hilite Red (1 pinch

Lemon Drop Pop (1 smidgen)
Hilite Gold (1 dash)

Apple Green Pop (1 drop)
Green Apple (1 drop)
Travel to Earth (1 pinch)
Hilite Green (1 smidgen)

Blue: (note: I would actually tone this down more and use less Indian Blue if I were doing this again. I feel like the blue is still stronger than the other colors)
Indian Blue (1 smidgen)
Travel to Neptune (1 pinch)
Hilite Blue (1 pinch)

Grape Pop (1 drop)
Pearl Violet (1 smidgen) (note that this color is not lip safe)
Hilite Violet (1 pinch)
Sparkle Violet (1 drop)

*You can see another pressed highlighter on the desk as well. I made this one first as an experiment, here are the recipes for it*

Lemon Drop Pop (1 pinch)
Hilite Gold (2 pinch)
Satin Pearl (1 dash)

Indian Blue (1 pinch)
Blue Ice (1 pinch)
Hilite Blue (1 dash)
Satin Pearl (1 pinch)

Pearl Pink (2 pinch) (note that this color is not eye safe)
Hilite Violet (1 pinch)
Satin Pearl (1 dash)

* My Everyday Basic Face Routine:

* My Colored/Glitter Eyebrow Routine:

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