Sunday, December 4, 2016

BLOG SALE! Lots of cheap lippies, freebies w/purchase, Worldwide shipping $4

Hi guys!

I have been needing to do this for a while and I finally have collected enough products that I am just NOT using, that it is time for a BLOG SALE!!! I have lots of lip products (lip gloss, matte liquid lipstick) Eyeshadow, Old school Aromaleigh Illuminating powder, Lunatick Cosmetics eyeshadow, and some freebies!

PAYMENT: Through PayPal only. Please contact me here in comments or at LizzyLovesSatan @ gmail .com and I can send you an invoice.

SHIPPING: I am keeping it simple, WORLDWIDE shipping is a flat $4.00 - I don't want to fuss with highly specific rates, so even though some areas might cost more to ship to, I would rather have this stuff out of my collection that continuing to sit here and collect dust.
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<3 nbsp="" p="">If you want to make me an offer, please do. I really do want these products to get some use!

I will be including fun little free things with EVERY package, but these three items are free with any purchase if you want them.
1. Morgana Cryptoria lipstick "Countess Bathory" - a beautiful, bloody, coppery red, (swatched. This is probably past its prime, hence being free if you want it. I swatched it last night and it does still work, it's just more stiff than it should be)
2. Morgana Cryptoria lipstick "Mockingbird Lane" - sparkly black (same thing as above)
3. Cheapo eBay matte liquid lipstick. - dusty pink or mauve shade. Tried it on my lips, hate the color on me.

1. $1.00 UBUB shimmery pink baked eyeshadow (swatched)
2. $3.00 Hello Kitty eyeshadow palette (bought in Germany. Each shade used a couple times)

$20.00 Lunatick Cosmetic Labs "Zombie Defense" coffin eyeshadow palette. I have used some of the shades once or twice, but I never seem to reach for this one.
(NOTE: two of these shadows arrived to me broken. I have re-pressed them as best I can, and will pack it very carefully to ship to you, but those two shades are a bit banged up, visible in the picture)

1. $1.00 NYX Wonder Pencil "Light" (used a few times)
2. $7.00 Urban Decay Brow Beater duo pencil "Brunette Bombshell" (used twice. This is an older model and I just never use it. Still has plenty of life in it)

$3.00 ea. MBA Cosmetics Sugar Babies Jojoba Lip Glaze (moisturizing lip gloss) (swatched)
"Indigo", "Poison"(no longer available), "Medusa", "Burlesque"(no longer available), "Stargazer"

$1.00 Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter "095 Creme Brulee" (used once) - a nice slightly shimmery nude/beige

$2.00 each NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream "Transylvania" and "Prague" (each used once)

1. $1.00 Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer "Vamp" -deep, reddish purple (used once)
2. $3.00 each LA Girl Matte Pigment Lip Gloss "Iconic"(used once), "Tulle"(used once), "Timeless"(never used)

2. $4.00 Hard Candy Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine "Au Natural" (used a few times)

3. $20.00 MAC Hello Kitty Limited Edition Lip Gloss "Nice Kitty" - HOT pink with blue shimmer (used once) (This is from FOREVER AGO, I almost hate to part with it but I just don't use it)
** I also have the Hello Kitty lip conditioner in Pink Fish (used, but TONS left in the pot) if anyone is interested at all**

4. $11.00 Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss "Jesse" [discontinued]- dark, reddish purple. Creme Brulee scented (I think it smells like waffles) (Used three times)

5. $1.00 NYX Girls lipgloss "Red tint" (used twice)

$5.00 Aromaleigh Perle illuminating powder "Lux" (discontinued) (Half full)
This is a mineral glow/highlight product, really pretty with a gold shimmer.

Thanks so much for looking! <3 p="">


  1. Hail Satan!!! <3 Such lovely makeup!

    1. Thanks ^_^ I do hope I can find homes for this stuff- I just hate for perfectly good things to go to waste!