Saturday, February 25, 2017

[video] DIY Iridescent Unicorn Shimmer Watercolor Palette

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I'm back, with a new heaping mess of a video! Hooray!

~Here's what you need:
-Mica or other shimmery powders (mine are from TKBtrading)
-Gum Arabic
-A tin, plastic case, or other little container to house your palette (I used an old cigarillo tin)
-Hot glue
-Something to mix your watercolors with
-A pipette

This is an easy matter of just mixing stuff together 'till it's done!
Use the hot glue to create sections inside your tin, layering strips of glue until it is tall enough to house a good dollop of paint.

Combine a scoop of mica with a few drops of gum arabic and mix until the consistency is wet, but scoopable, and smoosh it into your tin.

Once your paints are placed in your palette, let them dry. Then you are ready to go!

This project was inspired by TheFrugalCrafter's DIY metallic paints video. Check it out!

Here are all the TKBtrading colors I used in this palette:
Noble Sparks
Hilite Gold
Hilite Red
Radiant Gold mixed with Aisha Gold
Polished Silver
Hilite Green mixed with Green Sparks
Hilite Blue mixed with Aqua Sparks
Hilite Violet mixed with Indu Rose
Travel To Earth
Travel To Neptune
Marinda Star
Cherika Moon

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