Thursday, February 23, 2017

[Video] Pokemon GO! At Laurelhurst Park Vlog

This is a bit of older footage, from July 22nd '16. Took me a minute to edit and post! But here we are, finally.
My partner Valkyric and I took a trip to Laurelhurst Park in Portland shortly after he started playing Pokemon Go. It's a lovely park and a great place for Pokemon! My phone wasn't able to handle it at that time, but I have since gotten a new phone and we have caught many, many more Magikarp since then :)
So, come along with us and enjoy the sights of Laurelhurst Park!

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Music: "KOMFORT"
by Voyageurs
Downloaded from the Free Music Archive
(many thanks to Voyageurs for the amazing music, please go check out their FMA page and show them some love!)

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