Wednesday, July 5, 2017

[Video] How To Make An Eyeshadow Color Chart | Craft With Satan

I have a *lot* of eyeshadow - 199 singles, to be exact! So I thought it was time to make a color swatch page (well, three pages) so that I could easily see each color that I have.

I kept this video simple but showed multiple swatches so that my technique would be clear. Please see the instructions below for more detail.


1. (optional/to your liking): On plain white card stock, create a grid to map our your eyeshadows

*(I have my shadows arranged in a neat grid inside a three drawer organizer, so I created a paper grid that matched)*

2. Label your squares with the Eyeshadow names (and company names if you like)

3. Cut squares of packing tape to a size just a bit bigger than your grid.

4. Gently swipe/pat a small amount of eyeshadow onto the center of your tape square (the sticky side!)

5. Place the tape onto the appropriate square.

8. Use a wet wipe to clean your finger between swatches (or use a clean brush)

This was SO easy (though time consuming) and the result is really gorgeous, I can easily and quickly see the color and finish of all my eyeshadows without digging around in my drawer or swatching on the fly! All finishes and types of eyeshadows will work here, and the tape picks up the color perfectly.

I would LOVE to see your versions- please tag me on social media or comment here if you have made your own color chart!

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